I started a personal newsletter on substack and I want you there!

Amanda Iheme
2 min readJul 3, 2022
a personal newsletter on substack by me.

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I do not dislike being a therapist but I dislike the impressions and expectations that it creates. Both what I have of myself and that which others project on to me. I have no control over what others project on to me. What sucks are the ones I created for myself and one of them was that my writing has to be geared towards healing, helping, and educating.

You know, therapist writing stuff. Gotta be a deep thinker, polite, professional, and smart. Fuck that! All that has done is hinder me from being able to freely write because I kept criticizing my words, grammar, topic, subject, and purpose. Ah, the overthinking. Plus, have you seen how Medium writers write? Such intellect, plenty smart, full of wisdom and lists. I kent. I just… I just … I just kent do it.

A few days ago, I started a personal substack newsletter cause a sis honestly loves to write and I love to write about shit I care about, with my curse words and vulnerability. And, I want to read what people have to say.

I will not be writing on this Medium page anymore. (Ah! The sweet joy of freedom). Rather, I will be sending you letters via Substack if you subscribe. When you do subscribe, please drop your expectations of me as a therapist or a smart person and just see me as a person going through the same life shit like you and likes to talk and curse about it.

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I do hope that like the 12 disciples, all *counts followers* 105 of you follow me to Substack because it is more fun over there and I would love to have you there.

See you on the flip side, my darling.





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