For the days when it is hard to think clearly

art by Elliana Esquivel

Some of us get tangled in our thoughts and are unable to make sense of the many parts of our lives. We cannot find what connects them to each other because we do not take out the time to step away from ourselves and see, objectively, what roles we play in the creation of our own reality.

We fail to see what previous actions and thought processes have brought us to the places we now occupy mentally and physically and how they influence our lives daily. We absorb, adjust, adapt and continue. Never taking a moment to think through it all. Our failure to perform this exercise of examining our actions and thoughts denies us true clarity which we need to create the right path towards happiness and fulfillment.

If we learn to challenge ourselves and others constructively more often, it will show us how to form our own opinions about the things and situations that affect us. We must learn to make it a habit to continually ask ourselves difficult questions and to provide honest answers. We should be able to explain to ourselves why we react the way we do in every situation, to explain and express feelings of sadness, pain, anger, happiness, irritation etc. and to understand why we feel the way we feel about certain people, places or things.

Understanding the factors that motivate our thoughts and actions provides us with the clarity that we need to make better and more helpful decisions for our self and our society.



musings of a 29 year old woman living and working in Lagos, Nigeria.

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