A documentary on sexual violence in Lagos by Girl Pride Circle

“If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one.” — Mitchell Garabedian, Spotlight (2015)

When a child is sexually assaulted, we are quick to either blame the victim or the perpertrator, forgetting other silent contributors that have allowed such acts to thrive in our environment.
The government that has refused to pay attention to its citizens’ welfare making it safe for the girl child to live in, the family members that shut the victim down to avoid shame, the police officers, health care providers and lawyers who half-ass their responsibilities to the child, and us, the community that refuses to stand up for the girl child’s human rights.

However, there are exceptions to this rule: Girl Pride Circle.

Girl Pride Circle is a pro-girl nonprofit organization, committed to advocating for girls rights to education, equal opportunities and violence-free communities.
Breaking the silence through the account of students, survivors, health care and legal service providers, they offer to us a well told story on the topic of sexual assault focusing on the girl child in Lagos.

To learn more about their work and to volunteer, please visit girlpridecircle.org

musings of a 29 year old woman living and working in Lagos, Nigeria.

musings of a 29 year old woman living and working in Lagos, Nigeria.